The International Disaster Medicine Association (IDMA) is a successor of the S.I.U.C. – SOCIETA’ ITALIANA URGENZE CHIRURGICHE, founded on May 22, 1998, in Naples, Italy, a nonprofit organization, with main objective of enhancing the medical information flow between physicians, medical specialists, bio-engineers and researchers in the field of emergency medicine. During the years the activities of the S.I.U.C become more closely related to the military and disaster medicine which reasonably led to change into scope and tasks. As a result of this the S.I.U.C. has widened its objectives and related tasks. The name of association also was change in order better to reflect the new aims and scope.


IDMA is a voluntary member-based, nonprofit, professional association. Each ordinary member pays annual membership dues. The amount of the annual dues is decided by the Council of Councilors, but cannot be change more than once a year – during the General Assembly Meeting. Established Boards and Committees within IDMA could invite and include honorary members. The honorary members are not subjects to membership dues.

The IDMA ordinary members typically elect the Council of Councilors according the Association Statute. Every ordinary member could be elected to the Council of Councilors.