In order to achieve the set goals IDMA is to fulfill the following tasks:

  1. Develop and establish or contribute to existing Disaster Medicine educational programs for physicians – medical students, postgraduate master or specialty, specialists in other field of medicine;
  2. Develop and establish or contribute to existing educational Disaster Medicine programs for medical specialists – nurses, medical technicians, paramedics etc.;
  3. Develop and establish or contribute to existing programs for educating population for healthy and medically safety behavior in case of calamities;
  4. Developing or contributing to existing training programs for computer based simulation or real life training exercises;
  5. Contribution to Disaster Medical Support Standard Operating Procedures preparation;
  6. Developing international relationships;
  7. Medical Intelligence training, education and sharing;
  8. Disaster Medical Support Planning training, education;
  9. Maintaining liaison with national and international, governmental and non-governmental organizations dealing with disaster medical management and support;
  10. Contributing to Disaster Medicine educational and training processes worldwide with exchanging tutors, tutorial programs and materials; 
  11. Organizing annual Civil-Military Disaster Medicine Conference.

Preparing and publishing tutorials, manuals and handbooks.