Disaster and Humanitarian Mission Medical Support
November 20-21, 2014
Italian Army Logistics Command for Southern Italy , Salerno Palace - 38 Plebiscite Square, Naples - Italy
tel.  +39 0823 301653
m. +39 349 45 31 630
fax  +
39 0823 361086

MCE - Medical Continue Education 

Course of formation and professional updating accredited by the Ministry of the Health N° ECM 363/110219. ECM credits provided 11,5.

Category: Surgeon -Specialitions - All Specializations.

The request on the training credits has been already submitted trough the Ministry of the Health for all the professionals categories.

It is to be remembered that the attainment of all the credits is subordinate to the control of the organizational  secretariat of:

  • Presence of the 100% of all the participants during all the course

  • Overcoming   of the 70% of the questions in the learning test

Certificate of attendance

At the end of the meeting will be issued  a certificate of attendance to every participant that have been regularly registered, on the base of their  effective presence through all the works.